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13th – 14th August, 2015 – Lab retreat at Kemence in Hajni’s house. Nóri, Emi, Viktor and GergÅ‘ conquers heat and hills and arrive by bikes.


30th July 2015 – Lab BBQ with two kids, Lili and Bálint.


5th-14th July, 2015 – Laszlo visits Rio and deliver three talks at the IBRO conference

1) Subcortical inhibitory control of movements and cortical activity via the intralaminar nuclei
2) Optogenetic and pharmocogenetic tools to uncover the mechanisms governing thalamocortical activity
3) Building blocks of thalamus

He climbs Corvobado and the peak of Serra dos Orgaos National park, encounters toucans, capuchins, marmosets and guans.


14th-19th June, 2015 - Laszlo, Hajni and their kid visit TENSS school, to check how Viktor is doing and to deliver the talk: “The pros and cons of single cell recording and labeling in vivo” Audience sleep deprived but attentive, the school is terrific, Viktor is doing well.


1st-20th June, 2015 – Viktor is at the Transylvananian Experimental Neuroscience School.

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