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1. Giber, K*., Diana, M.A*., M Plattner*, V., Dugué, G.P., Bokor, H., Rousseau, C. V, Maglóczky, Z., Havas, L., Hangya, B., Wildner, H., Zeilhofer, H.U., Dieudonné, S.#, & Acsády, L#. (2015) A subcortical inhibitory signal for behavioral arrest in the thalamus. Nat. Neurosci., 18, 562–568.


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5. Groh, A*., Bokor, H.*, Mease, R.A., Plattner, V.M., Hangya, B., Stroh, A., Deschenes, M., & Acsády, L. (2014) Convergence of Cortical and Sensory Driver Inputs on Single Thalamocortical Cells. Cereb. Cortex, 24, 3167–3179.


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